About Me

Back in 2011, I caught the spearfishing bug bad. It's all I wanted to do or could think about. Soon after, I started a brand of apparel focused on our sport. Through that brand (Speared), and a YouTube series I'm fortunate to be a part of (SpearHeads TV), I gained access to a lot of great people and information. I took an F.I.I level one class, and started focusing on doing what I loved in a safer manner. After having two children, it became an unwavering way to dive. After sending multiple boxes to people having memorials for their loved ones that had died from Shallow Water Blackout, I realized that I needed to do more. After talking to Martin and Niki from F.I.I, I knew what I needed to do. I needed to educate. I needed to set an example to all those that may think the safety aspect is optional. What better way to portray that than to teach people from my experiences? F.I.I had set a world class structure for me to teach from, all I had to do was go and do it. 

I am also a 15 year member of the U.S. Military serving in the Florida Air National Guard. Because of this, I'd like to extend a discount to all of my military brothers and sisters. 

I now teach in the Tampa Bay area, as well as various spots around the U.S. I encourage you to shoot me an email or give me a ring. Maybe we can set up a class in your area!